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AC Engineering has developed and registered Home Done building system

Two raw materials: steel and EPS, working really well together, each one with its own characteristics

Strength, resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation, maximum optimization of weight, safety, flexibility

No concrete: AC Engineering invention enables to completely avoid the use of concrete maintaining high quality and improving efficiency



Home Done panel in reinforced EPS, a composite with a flexible and high resistant structure in galvanized steel, tridimensional electro-welded, incorporated in the sintering of high-density EPS

EPS: a polymer of styrene used as a white rigid foam (density 45kg/m³) with high level characteristics in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, lightweight, low-cost and highly available

steel: alloy of iron with carbon (at low percentage), used as a structural material, with a specific higher resistance than the one used in traditional buildings


The core of Home Done system is a molding machine combining together a steel wire mesh and EPS at high density

AC Engineering molding machine produce wall vertical panels, floor and roof panels, all of them customizable in different thickness and length

The entire system does not need concrete

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