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Home Done the right solution for living deficit, social emergencies, temporary labor camps and holiday accommodations

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fast realization

Few hours and your house will be ready. Home Done panel is really fast to install


The steel core and the extremely low specific weight allow unparalleled results

well-budgeted costs

Home Done building system allows forecasting costs in details


Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the Home Done panel is a building revolution


The innovative hooking system makes the structure versatile and modular


Simple assembling instructions, no special equipment or maintenance requirements

thermal insulation

In any climate the Home Done panel allows thermal comfort beyond compare


Highly insulated itself, optionally coupled with other materials in specific emergency cases


The Home Done Panel guarantees self-extinguishing performances

finishing freedom

Customizable in infinite ways, allowing a broad choice of finishes


Totally recyclable and with a reduction of 60% of CO₂ emissions in the production phase


Home Done living units are resistant to time: they can last for more than 100 years

earthquake resistance

Home Done structures do not suffer any damage due to earthquakes

hurricane resistance

Home Done house is safe to the aggression of hurricanes


Home Done is safe, clean and it is not attacked by moths or other insects

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